The Servants of Our Lady Healer of Hearts

The Servants of Our Lady Healer of Hearts was founded in the year 2018, however this is no simple devotion but something much more profound. Founder Brother Pio Picciolini has been quoted saying “We as a Catholic Society have prayed for a response from God in regards to the current state of the church and world and once again the Lord has responded with his mother”. Brother Pio has been devoted to Our Lady in a unique and profound way for his whole life and sees this as the only explanation for “the reason why she has chosen this unworthy servant” to carry out this Global Apostolate. During intense prayer Brother Pio felt strongly compelled to bring this critical devotion to a world with in great need.  

“We have arrived to a dangerous point in human history”. “We are witnessing an increasing disregard for human life, resulting in a significant uptick in violence, suicide, poverty, religious persecution, racism, ethnocentrism, divisiveness, and despair. In this age when hopelessness seems to be the new normal. Most are feeling lost, depressed, and in a sense, resentful. No matter what may divide us, Our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession and Her Son’s Divine Mercy can bring about conversion of heart, healing, and an increase in peace and understanding.”

Just as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a noun and Mercy is the verb / action, likewise The Immaculate Heart of Mary is the noun, Healing is the verb / action.  The Mother of God, and our Mother has always played in important role in salvation history and it is no different now.

The Society of Our Lady Healer of Hearts is made up of two components, the first is an international prayer group of Catholic men and women which includes all people of good will, who pray that Our Lady will heal the hearts of the world, filling them with unceasing love and abundant forgiveness to fully experience healing. This lay group are referred to as the Society of Our Lady Healer of Hearts.  

The second component is the Servants of Our Lady Healer of Hearts which is a religious congregation of brothers and priests who are charged with bringing the message of Our Lady’s healing throughout the broken world, by word and action.

While not an official epithet of The Virgin Mary, “Our Lady, Healer of Hearts,” is a title that will foster a renewed sense of devotion for those who are in desperate need of healing and hope.